1971-05-15 - Union, NJ

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SPRINGTIME IN ASBURY PARK (Freedom For America Records FFAR 876 543-2)
1971-05-15 - Union, NJ - Newark State College - Ernie Chickin' Festival - sbd (77m)
Bruce Springsteen, Vini Lopez, Steve Van Zandt, Garry Tallent, David Sancious, Southside Johnny +
Albee Tellone, Bobby Feigenbaum, Bobby Williams, Connie, Robin Nash, Jeannie Clark, Kevin Kavanaugh

1) It Takes A Lot  To Laugh, It Takes A Man To Cry (Group Therapy) (7:39) *
2) The Southside Shuffle (Pretty Little Woman) (9:09) **
3) Look Towards The Land (6:11)
4) Going Back To Georgia (8:55) ***
5) Last Night In Texas (9:16)
6) Will You Still Love Me (12:10) $
7) Jambalaya (8:39) =
8) The Zoom Song (2:24) +
9) Lady Of Boston (13:18) =

* "When the Zoom does his thing they take them out by the 100s". "Sonic people (...) Albany Al on the sax".
** "Southside" (before harmonica solo).
*** "Thank you from Carolina...George and Southside do the sideshow on the side".
$ "Uh, Garry?".
= "Big Man Bobby Williams".
+ "Come all along, come all along, Doctor Zoom And The Sonic Boom Band".
& Fades out at 12:40. Cuts back in on applause.

Source: "My Sliver Cd – Extracted EAC – WAV – Traders Little Helper – Flac16 – You".
[1971-05-15 Newmark State College, Union, NJ (Springtime In Asbury Park)] Flac set on Dime by doctoravros.
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints.
Date and venue confirmed by festival poster (see above).
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