1975-08-17 - New York, NY
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"From The Coastline To The City" (Fanatic Records - Kivak Master Series) (2cd)
1975-08-17 - New York, NY - The Bottom Line - early show - aud (132m)
Bruce Springsteen, Roy Bittan, Clarence Clemons, Danny Federici, Garry Tallent, Steve Van Zandt,
Max Weinberg

Disc 1:

1) introduction (1:00) *
2) Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (4:16)
3) Spirit In The Night (7:19)
4)  Then She Kissed Me (3:24) **
5) It's Gonna Work Out Fine (9:36)
6) Growin' Up (3:31)
7) It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City (5:53)
8) The E Street Shuffle (25:56)
9) When You Walk In The Room (3:59)
10) She's The One (5:22) ***

Disc 2:

1) Born to Run (4:49) $
2) Thunder Road (5:38) =
3) For You (7:35) ?
4) Kitty's Back (23:58)
5) Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (12:39) +
6) Quarter To Three (7:44)

* "Ladies and gentlemen, the Bottom Line is proud to present Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band".
** Skip at 2:26.
*** "Here's a thing that's gonna be on the new album, should be out in a few weeks, it's called She's The One".
$ Skip at 2:12.
= Piano and voice version.
? [Cut at 2:15 (mic noise after cut)].
+ Band intro: Roy Bittan, Garry Tallent, Steve Van Zandt, Max Weinberg, Danny Federici, Clarence Clemons.

Source: Cassette>CD>Wav>Roxio/CD Wav Editor/Magix>flac.
[Coastline To The City] Flac set shared as torrent on Jungleland by bsfanatic.
Original audience master recording by Joe Kivak.
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints.
Date and venue confirmed by show ticket, ad and poster for all Bottom Line mid-August shows (see above).
Show and recording listed on Brucebase (with a verbatim from this show) and Bruce Springsteen database.
Complete artwork can be found here.

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